Payment of Annual Dues

You have already paid this year’s dues!

Fort Worth Garden Club, Inc. Annual Dues:

  • Active and New Members dues are $175.00.
  • Associate Member dues are $100.00.
  • Life Members are not assessed annual dues.

Important dates for payment of dues:

  • January 16: Membership dues are accepted. You will receive an email and a postcard reminding you of your dues obligation.

  • Deadline for payment of all Dues is March 1: Dues are paid through the website.

  • March 2 -15: Dues received between these dates are automatically assessed an additional late fee of $75.

  • March 16: Any member not paying dues by this date will be deleted from Membership.

If a member is deleted from membership and desires to be reinstated, she will follow the process of a Prospective Member, including the submission of the Prospective Member application form.

The message above indicates whether you are up to date with your dues. On January 24 of each year it will indicate that you have NOT paid your dues. Once your dues have been received, the message will be updated automatically.